At its core, Internet of Things (IoT) is simply any device that is connected to the Internet. This means that the majority of people will probably own something that forms part of the IoT service, whether it’s an Amazon Alexa, a Ring doorbell, a CCTV system, or an Apple Watch, they will all function from an IoT connection. Although your business may not deal in any of those products, the reality is that within your business, an element will exist that aligns with the IoT spectrum. To identify these services, ask yourself: Are there any aspects of my business that demand tracking, monitoring, measuring, or control? If the answer is yes, then IoT is for your business. 
This blog aims to shed light on this revolutionary technology and the benefits it can bring to your business. 
Easy to Manage 
One of the key advantages of incorporating IoT into your business is the ease of management it offers. You can manage your entire estate of SIMs irrespective of MNO from one place, being able to track usage, monitor data alerts and caps and organise your estate through custom filters, tags, and categories. This provides customers with a higher level of freedom and flexibility reducing the need for intervention which allows for a more efficient and proactive service. 
Several Roaming Solutions 
IoT provides businesses with the flexibility of several roaming solutions. Whether your devices need to operate within one location or across many geographical areas, IoT offers diverse connectivity options. Multi-network SIMs provide end-to-end secure and resilient connectivity ensuring that if one network drops another one will be picked up immediately, ensuring a hassle-free process when travelling abroad. 
Range of Tariffs 
IoT connectivity comes with a range of tariffs, allowing businesses to choose plans that align with their specific needs and budget constraints. This customisable approach to pricing ensures that businesses of all sizes can harness the power of IoT without breaking the bank. 
IoT is a catalyst for innovation. By connecting devices and leveraging the real-time data they generate, businesses can unlock new possibilities. Whether it's building their portfolio, enhancing customer experiences, or simply winning new business, companies can use this data to make informed decisions about their operations. 
The exponential growth of IoT is a testament to its significance in today’s digital landscape. Recent reports show an 18% increase in global IoT connections in 2022, reaching 14.3billion active endpoints. Looking to 2023, the trajectory continues with an anticipated 16% growth by the end of the year reaching a remarkable 16.7 billion endpoints. 
From streamlined management and multiple roaming solutions to customisable tariffs and innovative solutions, IoT offers a plethora of benefits to businesses willing to embrace this technology. 
To learn more about IoT, watch our recent webinar hosted by our Head of Sales, Matthew Begg, and Zest4's IoT Sales Director, Anton Le Saux, here: 
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