“PSTN Switch Off”, “ISDN Switch Off, “Copper Stop Sell”, and “The 2025 Switch Off” … you’ve heard them all right? But what exactly does it mean? 
In short, it means all the UK’s traditional telephone network of PSTNs will be switched off by BT Openreach, totally removed from service and replaced by a fully digital network. Prior to this on Tuesday 5th September 2023, there will be a national stop sell meaning all Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) services, including PSTN and ISDN lines and ADSL and FTTC technology will no longer be available to purchase from this date. Some locations have already seen the effect of this with Openreach announcing the stop sell of legacy analogue services in over 100 locations across the UK in June 2021. Although all lines currently on this technology are safe until the switch off in 2025, it is hugely encouraged that telecom companies act now and prepare their customers with a seamless transition to their new services. 
Why is this happening? 
PSTN lines are a thing of the past with some of the current copper lines, still in use today dating back to the 19th century. This makes it incredibly difficult to maintain and repair any faults. Technology has developed massively since PSTN lines were introduced and now it is time to make the complete shift. Old PSTN lines can’t keep up with the demand and speed at which our modern technology is developing, therefore the transition to an all-digital landscape will offer countless new opportunities fit for our modern future. 
What should I do? 
Be prepared. With the stop sell in September 2023 imminent you need to ensure that you and your customers are fully informed and equipped to handle this change. There are a number of substitutions for these old lines with a lot of companies already adopting new connectivity solutions such as SoGEA and FTTP. However, you need to remember those aren’t the solutions for everything. There will be thousands of PSTN lines out in the field that will not suit a SoGEA or FTTP type of replacement service, due to cost, incompatibility, or logistical challenges etc. These include things like lift lines, taxi call points, traffic systems and intruder or fire alarm monitoring. Therefore, other solutions will need to be looked at such as Internet of Things (IoT). 
What if I do nothing? 
Your current distributor or vendor should remind you of any major deadline dates and recommend the correct substitute products for your customers. Failing to switch any of your services by the final switch-off date will result in your services being terminated. 
Want to get started? 
Contact Eclipse Wholesale at [email protected] or 0344 243 5555, where one of our team members will be happy to talk you through our product stack that can provide you with a seamless transition over this stop sell period. 
Watch our webinar with Zen Internet on how we can make this transition as seamless as possible: 
Key dates and timeleine of the Switch Off: 
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