Channel Corner is a new sponsored column featuring in Comms Dealer Magazine. This will be a quarterly run column where our Managing Director James Drake will be tackling all your channel queries and industry issues. 
The telecoms industry is forever changing and that is why we have our agony uncle and channel expert James Drake here to answer all your channel queries and industry issues. James is the Managing Director of Eclipse Wholesale, a channel-first connectivity and comms distributor that offers market-leading services throughout the UK. With over 30 years in the business who else is best placed to answer all your burning questions? 
Take a look below for this month’s most sought-after queries… 
Q1. When is the Copper Switch Off and how will it impact my customers? Dave, Nottingham 
A1. Stop/Sell is later this year and switch off is in 2025. It will already be impacting your customers with Copper-based products seeing consistent price increases. I recommend you speak to suppliers about washing your estate and scheduling migrations to Full Fibre products. 
Q2. How do I prevent Mobile bill shock? John, Fife 
A2. Bill shock is caused when a user unexpectedly receives an invoice for usage, usually, when roaming. The most efficient means of preventing this is to set usage alerts, bars and monitor customer usage via real-time usage portals. 
Q3. Is the Comms industry still relevant? Everyone seems to be leaving the sector. Adrian, London 
A3. Ha-ha! The Comms marketplace is moving through a transition period, but who could resist the opportunity to assist customers to utilise Full Fibre connectivity? 
Q4. The UK is currently experiencing record inflation. Will we see prices going up? Gwyn, Wrexham 
A4. Absolutely. Several factors are all pushing wholesale comms and connectivity pricing upwards, so be prepared for price increases across the whole marketplace and from all vendors. 
Q5. I’m new to the Telecoms industry, what products should I be selling? Rory, Peterborough 
A5. Simple SOGEA, FTTP, Mobile, Unified Communications. 
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