Channel Corner is a new sponsored column featuring in Comms Dealer Magazine. This will be a quarterly run column where our Managing Director James Drake will be tackling all your channel queries and industry issues. 
The telecoms industry is forever changing and that is why we have our agony uncle and channel expert James Drake here to answer all your channel queries and industry issues. James is the Managing Director of Eclipse Wholesale, a channel-first connectivity and comms distributor that offers market-leading services throughout the UK. With over 30 years in the business who else is best placed to answer all your burning questions? 
Take a look below for this month’s most sought-after queries… 
Q1. What’s the next big smartphone innovation/killer feature? Rory McEwan, Dunedin IT 
A1. The immediate future is e-sims. No delay, no dispatch costs, multiple networks on a single device, no need for metal adaptors to open the sim slots and more waterproof as no need for sim housing! Beyond that, I think it will most probably be digital assistance with greater usage of AI. 
Q2. What is SoGEA? Rory Tuck, Connect1st 
A2. A phone line. This will only be available when FTTP is not. 
Q3. With the switch-off date approaching, what will happen if I don’t make any changes to my services? Mark Stevenson, Officefones 
A3. Your current distributor or vendor should be reminding you of any major deadline dates and recommend the correct substitute products for your customers. Failing to switch any of your services by the final switch-off date will result in your services being terminated. 
Q4. Eclipse is shortlisted all the time for awards. What value do Channel awards add? Anonymous 
A4. In an overcrowded marketplace, we are all looking to add value and create differentials to our proposition. We find applying for awards and being shortlisted adds value for Eclipse Wholesale, our customers, and our hardworking staff. I thoroughly recommend being involved. 
Q5. How does the channel prevent a race to the bottom and maintain profitability in the new alt-net full fibre landscape? Michael Crawford, Aspect Voice 
A5. Mass market products like telecom services will always be a victim of competition and pricing pressure, as vendors look to gain market share over their competitors. The only way to retain margin (IMHO) is to sell solutions and not products, creating value in the customer's eyes and not just allowing the products we sell to become valueless commoditised items. 
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